How to Select Catchy Nursing Dissertation Titles [See Examples]

It doesn’t matter if it was your fate to write a nursing dissertation, or you chose the medical field yourself. It is a big headache after all… And things start getting worse when your instructor leaves it to you to select a title on your own.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you backed up…

This blog post comprises of some of the best nursing dissertation title inspirations for you. But before peeping into those inspiring examples, let us tell you those three crucial steps through which you can select your own title to write on:-

Step#1: Do some research on debatable topics

Conduct a research on some of the most-common subjective problems that every medical practitioner is facing at the moment. Address the issues that are debatable for a long time to go.

Step#2: Select your dependent variable

Let’s say you decided to write on ‘HIV Risk Behaviors’. Think of it as a dependent variable.

Step#3: Select your independent variable

Now, you need to select an independent variable that could be one of the recent HIV Aids developments or precautionary measures.

Step#4: Apply the ‘Cause & Effect’ philosophy

Finally, apply the cause & effect philosophy in order to form a complete title discussing about the recent inventions & precautionary measures and their impact on controlling HIV aids. This is how your title should be (in this case):

Do prevention interventions reduce HIV risk behaviors among people living with HIV?

‘Prevention interventions’ is the cause, and ‘HIV risk behaviors’ is the effect. You need to elaborate the impact that Variable A (the independent variable) is creating on Variable B (the dependent variable).

Sounds easier now???

If you’re still unable to select an interesting title for your nursing dissertation, then here is a list of some of the best examples for your inspiration:

Example#1: Can a patient recover quickly if a nurse changes the behavior?

This title reflects the idea of demonstrating the fact that a patient’s condition can improve or worsen if the behavior of the deployed nurse changes. You can simply read research articles discussing about the relation between a nurse’s behavior and a patient’s condition.

Example#2: What are the core differences between nursing theory and nursing practice?

Here you need to elaborate the major differences between nursing theory and nursing practice. Outlining those differences and concluding the findings would further elongate your nursing dissertation.

Example#3: Is consulting a nurse over phone call really effective during emergencies?

This title is based upon a general problem that people face. There are times when a patient’s condition is not good, and consulting the nurse over phone call is the only option at hand. So, you can conduct an in-depth research on this title and come up with an extended literature based upon the findings that may prove this action (calling the nurse in emergency situations) either beneficial or unbeneficial.

Example#4: How nurses create a perfect work and life balance?

You can elaborate as to how nurses manage their personal life while balancing their long-extended working hours in the hospitals. This is a broad problem area for many professionals working in this domain. Writing on this title would be easier for you, since a lot of debate has already been done over this subject matter.

Example#5: A nurse’s role as an assistant to a doctor.

In this topic, you can write about the changing roles and responsibilities of nurses towards doctors who are supervising them. This title basically describes the core duties of nurses and their individual job roles pertaining to their daily activities while assisting the doctors.

Example#6: Should nurses be given the authority to prescribe medicines?

This dissertation title is the most debatable topic around. A lot of research has been done in the past to enlighten the decision making process that whether writing and issuing medicine prescriptions should be allowed for nurses or not.

Example#7: How nurses represent the image of a hospital in the society?

This title/topic explains the role of nurses in building reputation of the hospitals. You’d find it very interesting to write, since this is a very controversial topic.
Example#8: The impact of psychological training on the profession of nursing.

This title/topic mainly describes about the importance of psychological training for the nursing profession. You can search for past findings that help you decide that whether psychological training is effective for nurses or not.

These examples are meant for your inspiration purpose only. The steps we explained earlier should help you come up with your own title.

(A PRO TIP: It’s not really necessary that you use the same titles (the ones mentioned above) to write your nursing dissertation. You can search from different perspectives (primarily based upon the same subject matters) by using different search terms and queries to gather enough resources for writing. Also, consider opting for a title that requires you to collect qualitative data from your respondents, since writing and interpreting a qualitative dissertation is easier and less complicated than a quantitative dissertation.)

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